Hi everyone! My name is Andy, currently a student at the University of Southampton. I have set up this blog to reflect on topics outlined in one of the modules I have taken this semester: UOSM2008 – Living and Working on the Web. Topics will relate to the online world we live in, and the identities that we present ourselves as on the web.

Rating at start of module Comments Rating at end of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information  3  As an English student, finding references include both offline and online texts. Over time it is necessary to become well-versed in the evaluation of what is useful regarding the topic at hand.
Participating in online communities  3  While I don’t have a lot of communities online site-wise, there are various groups on Facebook that I participate in regularly, each pertaining to different interests.
Building online networks around an area of interest  2  While part of a variety of online networks, I find it hard to build up my own network around me.
Collaborating with others on shared projects  2  Having done group projects before, I can say that I am able to collaborate with others towards a mutual goal, however I much prefer working by myself.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)  3  I have mainly used Adobe Photoshop in editing/drawing, and have also used audio/video editing software. I have limited knowledge on this however, only having done a few things before.
Managing your online identity  2  I have a limited online identity, most of which is on Facebook as the main social media platform I use. I feel that I could benefit in broadening the areas that I have a presence in.
Managing your online privacy and security  3  While I maintain security and privacy settings on Facebook, I realise that there are other platforms which I don’t have full privacy control over.

So why did I choose this module? 
As an English Lit student, I felt that as times change, so do the ways of literature. More and more often, you find people self-publishing novels, creating stories online, or – funnily enough – publishing blogs. In a technologically advancing world, I think that it’s important to keep up, and therefore to learn how to better manage an online presence on the web.

What in particular do I want to learn?
As mentioned above, I want to learn how to manage my online identity in order to make it the best it can be. In a world where people can find friends just based on a name, it has to be kept in mind what exactly people can find of you.

Which degree programme am I studying?
English Lit – just slightly different from this module, but overall I think they can hugely benefit each other.

Have you studied online before?
Not at all! This is the first time in which I won’t be studying outside of a computer; I must say as an English student this is quite the difference!


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