Topic 1: Reflection

Along with many others, this module is the first time that I have stepped into the world of blogging. With the first topic being our presence within the web, I felt it was a good way to be further introduced in my usage of it. Initially I thought that our presence on the web is quite binary, either being a resident or a visitor, however upon further reading I learnt that it was a lot more complex than that.

During my research while writing the first blog post on this topic, I learnt a lot about the various ways in which people utilise the web, starting with Prensky’s definitions of digital natives and immigrants (Prensky, 2001). However, reading through the posts from my peers I learnt that it is much more of a spectrum, where people can fall anywhere between the two ends of the continuum.

In my comments on Ji’s and Raziya’s blogs, I take this idea presented and question the cross binary use of the web, specifically LinkedIn in the former comment. Through their blogs and their replies, I learnt that it is much easier to combine elements of the digital visitor and the digital resident in various ways, often leading to a usage of the web that is more uncommon. One example is LinkedIn; usually it is more of a tool used for finding potential employers and careers, however by also putting your own profile on there it becomes an amalgamation of being a digital resident, yet also using the site as a tool like a digital visitor.

By enrolling on this course, I have already started to broaden my understanding of the web, and I hope to develop this blog and my general online presence and how it can be affected in different ways.


Prensky, Marc, (2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. [Accessed 10 February 2017]


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