Topic 2: Reflection

Throughout the last two weeks, my understanding on the topic of multiple identities has developed. Originally, I only thought of multiple identities in terms of different accounts for different sites, however since researching more about it I have learnt that it is so much more than that.

In writing my initial post, I learnt to consider multiple identities from the perspective of different personas in the form of cosplay. The need for multiple identities, even within a personal use, seemed to be something that Jordan and Scott hadn’t considered before. Their comments were useful and made me think about things that I hadn’t thought about, including authenticity vs anonymity, and also the debate of security vs privacy.


Spurred on by my debate with Scott, I ventured to his blog to read more about the authenticity that he had asked me to consider. I commented on his post, eager to share what I thought about the spectrum, and managed to suggest something that hadn’t crossed his mind: that having multiple identities can allow increased anonymity. It was thanks to Scott’s blog that I thought more about the authenticity vs anonymity debate; I hadn’t really explored it in my own post!

Another blog which extended my views on multiple identities was Eloane’s blog, where she explored the subject of multiple identities through a business and marketing perspective. This led to my comment on her post, which challenged one of her points and explored the use of an online identity to gain a following and audience. It appears that while an audience may organically form from the posts you make, it is perhaps inevitable that your identity is influenced by those who are successful in gaining followers, as highlighted in her response.

Furthermore, I hope I can bring the blogging knowledge I have learnt this week into the next topic!


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