Topic 3: Reflection

In tackling the topic this week on building up an online professional profile, I realised there was a lot more to it than I first thought. The Jobvite statistics proved to be very useful (albeit slightly outdated) in relaying just how much employers rely on social media to recruit new employees. From there, it was an exploration of what steps you can take to further improve your chances of being recruited through your social media platforms.

One major point in increasing employability from your profiles is authenticity and supplying information about experiences that you may have had on sites such as LinkedIn, so that employers can see more than just a CV and grades. In my comment on Sharon’s blog post, we agreed that sharing personal experiences is a good way of differentiating yourself from other candidates, potentially grabbing the interest of future employers!

However, one thing to note is that in sharing things on social media, you need to be careful of what you let others see! In my comment on Rebecca’s post, I questioned the demonising of individuals who tweet and post things which may just be potentially innocuous. She replied with how it is difficult to communicate tone across online, and being in person could garner different reactions. However, I feel that when making posts online, you need to take into account the lack of a strong sense of tone and intentions, as such, it is possible for just one person to take it in a bad way and cause an avalanche of negative reactions, as was the case with Justine Sacco.

Generally, I feel that it is quite easy to overshare details online, and while you should remain authentic, you needn’t share every piece of information that may hinder your approach to being employed!

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