Topic 4: Reflection

Topic 4 was all about the ethical uses of social media, and the problems surrounding it. With many particular areas to potentially look at, I focused on one aspect of the ethical issues surrounding the usage of social media, particularly who is viewing the information that you put out – including, and especially, potential employers.

The blogs that I’d commented on both explored different areas. Madeleine’s post looked at the blurring between the boundaries of personal and professional social media use. In my comment, I focused on her section on the use of social media by businesses for promotion. I brought in an article outlining the rules behind advertising products on YouTube, and questioned whether it would become ethical to promote products when you declare it as such. Are we certain that they have genuine opinions on products they have been paid to advertise?

On the other hand, Charley’s post focused on the ethics of school children using social media. She referenced the Justine Sacco case, and I used the opportunity to review the ethics of the commenters in my response to the post. I felt that while it is important to teach children the safe ways of using social media, it is equally as important to teach them how to use it ethically and to point out the ways in which unethical uses can cause issues and struggles to those who may not deserve it.

As we near the end of the module, I feel as if I should extend the way in which I create graphics for my posts, especially in making infographics. As a result, they could potentially further any argument and points that I try to make in my posts; presented in a visual way instead of plain text, it would aid in the overall presentation.


Word Count: 298


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