A Final Reflection on UOSM2008

At the start of this module, I was merely someone studying English Literature who had a penchant for writing essays. Over the past few months, I was challenged in what I was able to create content-wise and how to create it, having to write blog posts which included infographics and other media, something that is not common in my usual essays. I started with a self-evaluation across a range of points, and now here is my final self-evaluation of the same topics. The initial comments can be read here.

Reflection comments

While I made a new Twitter for this module, I quickly became a “lurker” more than an active contributor, only going on occasionally. Out of all social medias, I find Twitter the most difficult to adapt to, as it’s something that is more used on the spur. As a result, this – as well as an initial lack of use – meant that I would forget about Twitter more often than not.

Despite this, I have updated security and privacy settings on my accounts such as Facebook and my personal Twitter, and updated my LinkedIn account that I hadn’t touched much at all since I created it back in my first year at university! Something that I learnt from this module is that your online identity is important in terms of future employment, and as LinkedIn can be seen as an online CV I felt that it was necessary to start growing it. I will endeavour to keep this up after this module, as it can be crucial to future employment, especially with the rise of social media use by employers.

linkedin profile

While Instagram is mostly a personal platform, I found that it could also potentially help in creating connections with those who have similar interests, especially when you take note of the relevant hashtags associated with them. I have found that my more successful posts have been ones with an array of hashtags that aren’t just put in for the sake of it, and as a result have more interactions.

instagram interactions

However, sometimes posts will become popular as a result of people seeing it at the right time, something that I’ve learnt could happen when reading about the Justine Sacco case!

instagram interactions 2

As a final reflection, what I’ve learnt is that while I have a number of personal and professional profiles across social media platforms, it is most important to be authentic. It may be that I have multiple online identities, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t all authentic representations of me. What matters is how I present them, and how I use them, as they will all have an impact on my own life, whether it is professional or not.

Also, I will aim to keep growing my online identities professionally, as this module has taught me the importance of this online presence in terms of future employment! I believe that this module has given me a good headstart, and I hope to continue exploring these topics in an MSc in Web Science!

(Word Count: 500)


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